5 types of Sunglasses that will rock your 2019

Who doesn’t like to wear sunglasses? They protect your eyes from scorching heat of the sun in spring and summer. On top of that they can make you look cool and elevate your looks in a way that no other accessory ever can. This year, different kinds of eyewear are trending. We have rounded up five types of sunglasses that you can wear with ease and style.

1- Extreme Sunglasses:


If you are a fan of jewels and embellishments, then you will surely love this  trend. The sunglasses this year are heavily embellished with pearls, diamond stones, and sequins. The best part about these extreme sunglasses is that when you wear them you don’t need to wear earrings and necklaces as they will fill up their spaces.

Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy and Jeremy Scott brought this trend on runways. Their models were seen wearing jewels embellished sunglasses and looked very modern and classy. Grab your favourite jewels embellished sunglasses and look lovely.

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2- Yellow Sunglasses:


Yellow is everywhere in 2019. When your dress can be yellow then why can't the sunglasses? Sunglasses with yellow lenses were a great trend in 1990’s and this trend is back again. Thanks to Emporio Armani and Max Mara for bringing back this trend.

The sunglasses with yellow frames look very flattering and unique. You can rock them everywhere and they can elevate the look of an average looking outfit in a minute. 

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3- Frames with Pattern:


Sunglasses with patterned frames could become your best friend this year because they will  make you an instant fashionista. Different kinds of frames with different patterns were seen on the runways of fashion week. The polka dots, scribble pattern and horizontal black and white lines pattern were seen on the sunglasses. The designers from Fendi, Christian Siriano and Moschino showed their excellence in designing by bringing this trend on the runways. Shop these patterned frame sunglasses and standout from the rest of the crowd.


4- Shield Sunglasses:

The good news is that the shield sunglasses not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but also are one of the biggest sunglass trends of 2019. 

Stella McCartney, Rick Owens, Gucci, Miu Miu, Tom Ford and many more designers were eager to show their shield sunglasses collection on the runways of Spring 2019. The models looked glamorous and sporty while wearing these sunglasses.

5- Triangular Lenses:


Want a pair of sunglasses that looks as good as you do? Then equip yourself with  sunglasses with triangular lenses. The triangular lenses are a major trend this year and they can have a futuristic effect while others have a flirty retro style. Marni, Saint Laurent and Burberry designed their collection of sunglasses with triangular lenses. 

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Photo Credit: Pinterest